21 Jul 2020

The latest DIO Annual Report has been released

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has revealed that in 2019/20, the organisation managed £3.3bn of investment in the Defence Estate enabling those who work within defence to live work, train, and deploy.


What does DIO do?

DIO supports the Armed Forces to enable military capability by planning, building, maintaining, and servicing infrastructure throughout the full infrastructure lifecycle of acquire, operate, maintain, and dispose.

The organisation also strives to improve the quality of life of its service personnel providing homes, schools, food, social space, and a safe and secure working environment.


Defence Infrastructure in numbers

DIO has delivered a wide-ranging portfolio of major projects and programmes to support the transformation of Defence capability.

  • £4.25bn annual budget for the Defence estate
  • 134,000 built assets across the estate
  • 145,000 single living accommodation bed-spaces maintained by DIO worldwide
  • Over 245,000 Armed Forces personnel supported to live, work and train
  • 790,000ha land area across which Defence operates globally
  • 8% The percentage of UK land managed/used by the MOD

Graham Dalton, DIO Chief Executive noted that since the last report:

“Hard and soft facilities management delivery has been reorganised into four regions enabling a greater level of focus on TLB customer requirements and we have delivered £235.7m of investment in Additional Work Services – a 54% growth against 2017/18. We have also kept the focus on future delivery with the invitation to tenders for the Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) contracts.”


Covid-19 response

The last quarter of the year saw DIO responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Although the organisation has come a long way since the outbreak, it will continue to face Covid related challenges in coming months.

Priorities for DIO during this time include keeping defence sites open and operating, safe, legal, and secure; people accommodated and fed and supporting and responding to Military Aid to Civil Authorities (MACA) tasks across the Defence estate.

Within the report DIO state that

“Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic the Accommodation Team responded to a range of requirements including the freeze on assignments, continued maintenance and housing projects, repatriation of service families from overseas and regeneration of moves.”

Technology is key for keeping DIO running during this time and this year DIO distributed 3844 laptops. The report confirms that 100% of DIO’s UK population and 60% of overseas population have MODNet laptops to ensure that DIO has the best continuity of any organisation in defence under the Covid-19 lockdown.


Future opportunities

The DIO Strategy 2020 – 2030 is due to be published in July 2020. This will provide a clear, long term vision for the organisation ensuring we are able to work with agility and pace to deliver a Defence Estate of the right size, location, and quality that is fit for the future.

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