Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States


Department of the Navy

Official Address:
Strategic Systems Programs
1250 10th Street , SE, Suite 3600
Washington, DC DC 20374-5127

Zip Code:

David Schofield, Contracting Officer, Phone 202-433-8425, Fax 202-433-5394, Email


Date Posted:


Contract Description:

Period of performance: from 1 April 2020 to March 31 2025 1 base year plus 4 option years.

The contractor shall require access to, and the ability to produce and store, TOP SECRET information at its own facility (both hardcopy and electronic). This facility shall be within 10 miles of SSP HQ. The contractor’s facility must have SIPRNET access. All personnel working in support of this effort must have SECRET clearances. Personnel working in support of specific areas of this program must hold TOP SECRET or TOP SECRET // SCI clearances.

The contractor shall demonstrate the ability to host large meetings (75+ attendees) at TOP SECRET cleared facilities within the immediate Washington D.C. area. In addition, the contractor shall have a facility that shall be capable of hosting classified meetings (50+ attendees) and storing classified materials. The contractor shall demonstrate the ability to host meetings which operate over Secure Video Tele-Communications (SVTC).

Data Repository:
The contractor shall demonstrate an ability to hold and store limited distribution SSP-sensitive information (physical copy and electronic) pertaining to security vulnerabilities at levels up to TOP SECRET.


CLIN 0001 SP31 Services:

Surety Policy and Engineering:
The contractor shall draft and interpret SSP, OPNAV/SECNAV, DOD, and national-level policies on all Navy Nuclear Weapons Surety related matters. A demonstrated understanding of surety related policies and activities at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is required. The contractor shall provide personnel to provide administration support and certified personnel to conduct Navy Nuclear Weapons Technical Inspections (NWTIs), Technical Assist Visits (TAVs), Operational Assessments (OAs), and Completion Inspections (Cis) as well as develop NWTI course materials and instruct NWTI courses. The contractor shall provide experts in Nuclear Weapons Incidents (NWIs) to assist with interagency planning and to provide services in support of Fleet Readiness Exercises, policy development, Radiological Health (RADHEALTH) / Radiological Contamination (RADCON). The contractor shall provide subject-matter-experts to support radiation surveys and materials storage as needed. The contractor shall draft and interpret security classification guidance at the SSP, OPNAV/SECNAV, and DOD levels. The contractor shall provide daily on-site support at OSD/Nuclear Matters as the SSP-liaison providing subject-matter-expertise in nuclear surety policy, exercises including the Joint Staff sponsored exercise support, the DOD Personnel Reliability Program (PRP), and the DOE Human Reliability Program (HRP). The contractor shall develop the Annual Deviation Report (ADR) in collaboration with Strategic Weapons Facilities (SWFs) and SSP staff in accordance with DOD 3150. In addition, the contractor shall maintain a database of all existing deviations, associated policies, compensatory measures, and plans for remediation. The contractor shall demonstrate technical knowledge of Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) policies, regulations, and statutory requirement and shall help SSP ensure it remains compliant while also successfully employment effective countermeasures.

The contractor shall provide engineering services for the full range of Integrated Nuclear Weapons Security System (INWSS) projects to ensure designs meet intended capability and policy requirements. The contractor shall participate in, and represent SSP as requested, throughout the design process in accordance with the Strategic Weapons Systems Engineering Plan, including Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews, and throughout the Configuration Management process, to provide technical and subject-matter-expert guidance.

The contractor shall provide on-site administrative support to the SP31 Branch Head and Deputy.

The contractor shall have the personnel available to support 11,000 hours yearly of support work for this effort.

CLIN 0002 Assessments, Analysis, and Modeling:

The contractor shall conduct threat analysis based on the Nuclear Security Threat Capabilities Assessments (NSTCA) to provide guidance to Strategic Weapons Facilities (SWFs) and Fleet operations related to nuclear weapons security. The contractor shall provide personnel expert in Nuclear Weapons, threat analysis, physical security, cyber security, special operations, security operations (to include former Marine Corps Security Force personnel) and personnel security, to facilitate and conduct Vulnerability Assessments (VAs) and Localized Threat Capability Assessments (LTCAs) at Strategic Weapons Facilities (SWFs) and specific Fleet locations (CONUS and OCONUS). The contractor shall perform Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and other security analysis to identify and quantify risks across the physical, cyber, and human domain and to inform the development of mitigation options that span the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTMLPF) domain. The contractor shall demonstrate the capability to utilize tools such as the General Campaign Analysis Model (GCAM) and the Figure of Merit (FOM) or shall demonstrate the ability to develop and employ similar capabilities with other custom or commercially available models that capture dynamic interactions between a “red” and “blue” force and account for terrain, buildings, security systems, and complex Concepts of Operations (CONOPS). The contractor shall demonstrate an ability to build Geographical Information System (GIS) models within Esri’s ArcGIS and to perform security-related analysis within these tools to include line-of-sight analysis, emulation of time/distance and other response force behaviors, evaluation of weather and luminosity impacts, etc. The contractor shall demonstrate an ability to model structures, terrain, and other nuclear security related components within 3-D models such as 3ds Max and to emulate movement and interactions in models such as Unity and/or Unreal. The contract shall demonstrate the capability to perform analysis to assess the effectiveness of systems that mitigate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The contractor shall develop databases to track surety-issues from Nuclear Weapons Technical Inspections (NWTIs), Strategic Weapons Facility Personnel Incident Reports (SWSPIRs), and other assessments/inspections and to perform trend analysis to help uncover patterns that can inform training, policy changes, and/or other related actions. The contractor shall oversee a variety of explosive testing activities that pertain to nuclear weapons security systems and shall lead the development of breaching studies, training, and Concepts of Operations (CONOPS). The contractor shall maintain currency on all threats to Navy nuclear weapons and shall conduct asymmetric threat studies (insider, cyber) on an annual basis as directed by SSP. The contractor shall demonstrate familiarity with the SSP Closed-Loop Assessment (CLA) Process and shall annually prepare the Nuclear Weapons Surety Mission Performance and Integrated Priority List (IPL) for approval by SSP.

The contractor shall have the personnel available to support 22,000 hours yearly of support work for this effort.

CLIN 0003 SP30 and Staff Services:

Strategic Planning:
The contractor shall provide strategic planning support to include the design and facilitation of leadership off-site workshops, the creation of decisional products for the Nuclear Weapons Surety Program Management Team (PMT), and the creation of related charters, SSP Instructions (SSPINSTs), and other guidance documents and memorandums. The contractor shall analyze and make recommendations pertaining to program structure, organizational structure, and program plans. The contractor shall demonstrate the technical knowledge and program historical understanding to be capable of providing senior consultants to aid the SP30 Division Director and SP30 Deputy Division Director all on programmatic, policy, acquisition, and operational matters. The contractor shall demonstrate an ability to aid coordination and facilitation across the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United Kingdom, and Department of the Air Force on all nuclear surety matters. The contractor shall create and facilitate program overviews and familiarization briefings to external stakeholders at the Flag and Senior Executive Service (SES) level.

Engineering Oversight:
The contractor shall provide senior engineering expertise to aid the SSP SP30 Division Engineer on all matters falling within the associated Technical Warrant. Specifically, the contractor shall develop and implement a process to manage and document the allocation of requirements across the full spectrum of the Integrated Nuclear Weapons Security System (INWSS). The contractor shall implement the Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements Management System (DOORS) database on both classified (SECRET) and unclassified systems. The contractor shall lead the integration of program and operational/security risks across the division and interface with the SSP Board of Directors (BOD) as necessary. The contractor shall support development and maintenance of the sensor testing and approval process, and develop and maintain the database for sensor technologies tested and approved for use within the program.

Rapid Fielding and Research and Development:
The contractor shall create and interpret policy and analysis for SSP rapid fielding initiatives related to nuclear weapons surety. In addition, the contractor shall demonstrate the ability to help SSP coordinate with key mission stakeholders including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), and a variety of Navy Warfare Centers. In particular, the contractor shall demonstrate a deep familiarity with autonomous platforms (aerial and underwater).

The contractor shall have the personnel available to support 10,000 hours yearly of support work for this effort.

CLIN 0004 SP2012 Services:
Safety Engineering: The contractor shall demonstrate a robust understanding of SSP safety processes and shall conduct System Safety Analysis, safety reviews of all Nuclear Weapons Security Change Requests (CRs); development of Preliminary Hazard Lists (PHLs) and the performance of Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHAs); the creation of safety program artifacts such as Safety Program Plans (SPPs), Hazard/Environmental Impact Identification and Acceptance Forms (HIFs/HAFs) and Safety Assessment Reports (SARs); and the conduct of Special Safety Studies for Nuclear Weapons Security (NWS), Strategic Weapons System (SWS), Attack Weapons System (AWS), and Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS) program. The contractor shall demonstrate the ability to create and utilize a custom-built database to track all related hazards and associated mitigations. The contractor shall conduct detailed hazard analysis supported by qualitative or quantitative analysis and lifetime probabilistic risk assessments, as well as evaluating mitigations to identify trends and to explore emerging issues that exist at the interfaces between sub-systems. The contractor shall conduct independent reviews of safety artifacts generated by other SSP Branches, and evaluate SSP systems, facilities, support equipment, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), use cases, training, procedures, maintenance, and culture to develop overall safety and security cases to meet an acceptable level of risk to nuclear weapons safety and security standards. The contractor shall demonstrate familiarity with SSP’s Nuclear Weapon System Safety Assessments (WSSAs), such as the Strategic Weapon System (SWS) Unauthorized Launch Analysis (ULA) and Inadvertent Launch Analysis (ILA), and shall perform independent analysis and studies to ensure currency and accuracy of both products.

The contractor shall have the personnel available to support 11,000 hours yearly of support work for this effort.

PURPOSE OF NOTICE: The Sources Sought is being used as a Market Research tool to determine potential sources prior to determining the method of acquisition and issuance of a possible RFP.

The Government is not obligated and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this notice. We are only requesting capability statements from potential contractors at this time.

RESPONSE DEADLINE: Interested sources shall submit a capability package by April 22, 2019 (10 pages or less) containing: 1) Company Name and Address, 2) Company Point of Contact, 3) Email Address, 4) Phone Number, 5) Specifics addressing the tasking’s listed above and company’s capability, 6) Specifics addressing existing subject matter expertise to provide the aforementioned support, 7) Related past Performance and 8) General corporate information.

Responders should indicate which portions of their response are proprietary and should mark them accordingly. Failure to provide a response does not preclude participation in any possible future competitive RFP for which a business is eligible to participate in, if any is issued. It is the responsibility of the interested businesses to monitor the FEDBIZOPS website for additional information pertaining to any potential acquisition and provide security clearances if necessary, to perform the Draft Statement of Work (SOW).

Electronic responses are acceptable if prepared in Adobe PDF or Microsoft 2007/forward compatible format; Email electronic responses to David Schofield (email:, with “SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE FOR SUPPORT SERVICES FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS SURETY, POLICY, AND COMPLIANCE – N0003020R0037 – CPFF LOE” in the subject line of the Email.

Response Date:

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