27 Jun 2019

Sodexo to create network for ex-military and reservist employees

Sodexo has announced its intention to develop and launch an employee network specifically aimed employees with a military background, and/or are a reservist.

The network will initially launch within the Sodexo Government & Agencies business which currently hold a number of key military contracts, but once established will extend to relevant employees from across its business.

The aim of the network will be to create a forum for employees to share their experiences as well as provide advice and support for new recruits so that Sodexo becomes known as an employer of choice for those leaving military life or are part of, or interested in joining, the Reserves.

As part of Sodexo’s Public Service Pledge, a target has been set to employ 200 ex-service personnel, which the Company achieved with 203 employed.

Oliver Smith, Centre Manager, Defence, Sodexo UK & Ireland who was a Royal Navy chef serving on multiple ships says: “After spending five years with the Royal Navy taking up a role in the FM industry has been an easy transition. The industry offers similar structured processes and a clear leadership vison much like the Armed Forces, and working on an MOD site feels like coming home after working in various restaurants on the high street before joining Sodexo.”

Oliver joined Sodexo in 2014 as front of house team leader at a large PFI MOD barracks, during his time in this role he undertook an interim role as manager of the barracks club before taking on the role of centre manager in February 2017 where Oliver oversees the day-to-day running of the PAYD restaurant, Costa Coffee outlet and Costcutter store.

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