05 Feb 2018

SAAB wins DanPilot marine pilot system contract

Saab has been awarded a contract to implement a new Marine Pilot Dispatch System for DanPilot, the Danish State maritime pilotage provider, based on Saab’s PILOTCONTROL solution.

DanPilot aims to maximise the productivity and cost-effectiveness of pilotage operations, while maintaining a high level of safety. The system will incorporate optimisation and management of pilot boat services, ground transportation and pilot services, and provide a comprehensive rostering, planning and dispatch solution.

Steen Larsen, Head of Planning and Digitalization for DanPilot, said: “We are very satisfied that we as DanPilot have chosen Saab as the supplier of their new pilotage management system, which is the key for efficient operations. By choosing PILOTCONTROL DanPilot will be well equipped and have flexibility to meet the new local market challenges in 2020 and the years ahead.”

The system dispatches approximately 160 pilots to about 20,000 operations per year, servicing local port entries to Danish ports as well as transits between the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

Jessica Öberg, Senior Vice President and head of Saab’s business area Industrial Products and Services, commented: “The optimisation and automation goals of DanPilot closely match the product roadmap for Saab’s solutions for pilotages. We look forward to delivering a best-in-class solution to meet DanPilot’s needs.”

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