30 Jan 2019

Saab launches laser warning system in US market

Saab has announced its plans to launch its laser warning system portfolio in the US, which includes mature technologies for both land and naval domains, and is ready to meet the specific needs and requirements of the US Armed Forces.

Saab’s Laser Warning System aids in crew situational awareness of danger to equipment and personnel and it adds valuable seconds to the decision making loop in combat. The laser warning system consists of sensors and a laser warning controller. The number of sensors required to ensure complete azimuth coverage is selected in accordance with the size of the vessel or vehicle to be protected.

The laser warning system interfaces with the vessel’s or vehicle’s Command Management System as well as with onboard countermeasures. Both the Naval and Land variants of the laser warning system are currently in production for multiple Saab customers world-wide.

Erik Smith, head of Saab Defense and Security USA LLC, said: “With the latest addition to our sensor offering in the US market, we are addressing the market’s demand for sensors to provide early warning and protection against advanced threats in both the land and naval domains.”

The Company plan multiple technology demonstrations throughout 2019.

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