02 May 2018

Royal Navy’s apprenticeship scheme labelled ‘outstanding’

Government inspectors have described apprenticeships provided by the Royal Navy to sailors and Royal Marines as ‘outstanding’.

The team from Ofsted gave the Royal Navy the same high mark in every category in which they assessed the way the Senior Service trains, nurtures, encourages and supports would-be engineers, chefs, logisticians, warfare specialists and Royal Marines.

Nearly 5,000 Royal Navy personnel are enrolled on some form of apprentice or advanced apprentice initiatives.

The Ofsted team spent a week observing and assessing the training delivered and the coaching, mentoring and the achievements and skills of apprentices across the Naval Service.

Rear Admiral John Clink, Flag Officer Sea Training who heads up all the training, education and instruction sailors and marines receive, commented: “I am absolutely delighted that the Naval Service Apprenticeship Programme has been recognised externally by Ofsted as ‘outstanding’.

“This rating is particularly impressive given that last year Ofsted only awarded six per cent of apprenticeship providers this highest of accolades. It clearly recognises our specific achievements in delivering world-class accredited training.”

The Royal Navy has recruited around 50,000 apprentices over the past 15 years, with around one in ten personnel across four main areas – warfare, engineering, logistics and Royal Marines – currently enrolled on an apprenticeship programme.

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