Royal Navy medics sent to Bahamas following hurricane damage

Royal Navy medics have travelled to the Bahamas to join humanitarian aid efforts following the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

A group of 18 navy medics have joined Royal Fleet Auxillary ship Mounts Bay to provide humanitarian aid in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian. HMS Protector has also travelled to the area after providing supplies in Bermuda.

The UK is working with other partners providing aid in the region, including the US Coast Guard. Medics from the Royal Navy will provide surgery, intensive care, and emergency care to those affected by the hurricane.

Commanding Officer of the team Lieutenant Commander Anna De-Saint sadi: “It is absolutely essential that teams like us and the humanitarian teams already in the region are ready to respond to an emergency like this at short notice.”

“I know we can add value to the team already out there in the Bahamas. The Role 1 medical team is there to support personnel on the ship with everyday illnesses and undertake emergency care whereas we are there for life-saving damage-control surgery and resuscitation.”

“A lot of our kit is already on the platform, including all the medical equipment, drugs and surgical equipment. One of the most important thing we are taking out there is blood.”

“We are held at 48 hours’ notice to move so we are a high-readiness unit who are available to go at short notice anywhere in the world.”

“During hurricane season, we know there is a higher chance of us being needed but we have not had to deal with a situation like this since Operation Ruman – the UK’s military response to Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean in 2017.”

The team most recently worked in Sudan as part of a peacekeeping mission. They work in the NHS to maintain skills and have ‘Role 2’ capability, meaning they can provide a higher level of medical support.

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