05 Jul 2019

Royal Navy embarks on training experiment in the Australian outback

The Royal Navy has completed a training experiment to see how they cope with extreme environments.

The Royal Navy went to the Australian outback for a training experiment ahead of the Future Commando Concept lead by the US and Australia. The Navy has also worked with the Australian Defence Force reconnaissance specialists during the deployment.

The Future Commando Concept aims to help personnel work with new technology during missions. The training is also aimed at helping personnel adjust to different environments, such as the beaches and deserts of Queensland in North-East Australia.

Lieutenant Simon Williams from 40 Commando in Somerset said: “It embraces a ‘commando first’ initiative where everyone is foremost a commando, and then handpicked for the various skillset required for the task, including snipers, signallers, recce and medics.”

“The commandos have grasped new command structures, breaking the typical specialisation-exclusive troops into bespoke mixed-teams.”

The Navy will also soon embark on Australian Helicopter landing dock HMAS Canberra for Operation Talisman Sabre along with defence personnel from the US, New Zealand, and Japan. The exercise will involve 40 Commando in a pre-landing force role while the rest of the amphibious forces to work on the coasts.

Previously this year, 40 Commando has worked in the Arctic, the Nevada Desert, and the Belize Jungle. The training in Australia ahead of Talisman Sabre also helps them practice integrating with other forces.

Talisman Sabre is a training exercise taking place every two years and lead by Australia and the US. The operation will be completed in Shoalwater Bay training area and the nearby forests in Queensland, near Rockhampton.

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