Renovation of Army Primary Standards Lab, Redstone Arsenal, AL

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Renovation of Army Primary Standards Lab, Redstone Arsenal, AL

Department of the Army

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P. O. Box 2288
109 Saint Joseph Street (zip 36602) Mobile AL 36628-0001

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Kelly A. Hallstrom, Phone 2516943872, Email – Kyle M. Rodgers, Contracting Officer, Phone 2516903356, Email


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Contract Description:
Project Labor Agreement Market Survey

Subject: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Atlantic Division, Mobile Regional Contracting Center, Redstone Arsenal, AL – Labor Market Survey.


This is a SPECIAL NOTICE. No proposals are being requested or accepted with this notice. The Corps of Engineers Mobile District is soliciting comments from the construction community addressing the potential use of Project Labor Agreements (PLA) for large scale construction projects (exceeding $25 million) within the Redstone Arsenal, AL and surrounding area. This market survey is being posted for the Renovation of Army Primary Standards Lab, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama (Madison County). Description of Work: This work involves the repair for Building 5435, a 76,397 SF facility, executed in three phases to allow for mission continuation while moving lab functions around within the building. For Phase 1 (Partial Scope), repairs will involve the western portion of the building to include the Applied Physics Department, open office areas for non-laboratory support functions, main electrical rooms, mechanical room, and telecommunications rooms. Site work for Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) upgrades will occur during this phase including repair of insufficient stand-off distances. Additional site work includes new water line to serve the fire protection system, new site hydrant and fire department connection. Fire Protection system will be installed in this zone and include adding a fire sprinkler system to the Executive Suite. There will be repairs to the loading dock and packing areas that must occur on nights and weekends that will begin during Phase 1, but will likely overlap several phases.

Phase 2 (Partial Scope) includes repair of the eastern portion of the building to include the Physical Standards Department as well as open and closed office areas for Physical Standards, Electrical Standards, and Metrology. The Physical Standards department includes major pieces of equipment that will remain in place and operational during the renovations, and that have strict requirements for vibration and/or airflow control. Demolition of existing and installation of proposed mechanical equipment will be carefully coordinated to ensure laboratories stay operational during construction. Phase 3 (Partial Scope) involves repair to the Electrical Standards laboratories. All renovations will require new or modified shielding to existing and new wall construction. The roof will be replaced at the end of Phase 3.

Known hazardous materials will be abated prior to the commencement of Phase 1. Demolition of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and architectural systems and components will be removed as part of each phase. The repair of the HVAC system will include replacement of air handling units, main supply and distribution ductwork, exhaust fans, integrated control system, heating and cooling systems, along with all diffusers and return grilles. Plumbing repairs include reconfiguration of the toilet rooms, new fixtures, piping and plumbing equipment. Repairs to the electrical system include new transformers, service entrance, electrical panels, conduit and wiring. The lighting system will be repaired by replacement throughout, including emergency lighting, with LED lights. New grounding systems will be installed in labs. New RF shielding will be provided in labs requiring it. A lightning protection system will be installed per NFPA 780. Architectural repairs include paint and floor finishes, repair of roof as equipment is removed in each phase, reconfiguration of building functional adjacencies by removing interior walls, renovation of the interior and exterior of the facility, repair failing insulation and windows and meet the latest American Barriers Act (ABA) requirements. Replace anechoic chamber and elevator. The fire sprinkler system will be extended into each phase being executed. A clean agent suppression system will be installed in specialty rooms. Fire alarm/mass notification system will be installed.

A PLA is defined as a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement with one or more labor organizations that establishes the terms and conditions of employment for a specific construction project and is an agreement described in 29 U.S.C. 158(f).

Accordingly, Offerors are requested to respond to this Special Notice regarding PLA with the following information.
1) Should PLAs be executed on selected large dollar contracts in Redstone Arsenal, AL and surrounding area?
2) Are there concerns by prime contractors on the availability of skilled construction labor?
3) Would a PLA benefit a project which contains a unique and compelling mission-critical schedule?
4) What type of project should not be considered for PLA clauses?
5) What is the time impact to the completion of the contract due to a PLA?
6) What is the cost impact to the bid due to a PLA?
7) What other factors should the Corps consider before deciding to include PLA provisions in a Mobile Engineer District contract?
8) Please provide a list of recent (2-5 years) construction projects in the local labor market of the project under consideration. Include the following items:
Project Name/Location; Project Description; Initial Cost Est/Actual Final Cost; Was the project completed on time; Number of craft trades present on the project; PLA (Y/N); Were there any challenges experienced during the project?
9) Which trades are expected to be employed on this project? Are you likely to need some union skilled trades for at least part of this project?
10) What market share does union labor have in the geographic area for this project or type of construction?
11) Does the local market contain the sufficient number of available skilled workers for this project? Are there other projects in the vicinity going to limit the pool of skill labor available for your project?
12) Has a project like this been done before in the local market?
13) What investments have been made to support registered apprenticeship programs?
14) Have PLAs been used on comparable projects undertaken by the public sector in this geographic region? Have PLAs been used on this type of project in other regions?
15) Which CBAs are likely to expire during the course of the project under consideration that might cause delays?
16) How do open shop and union wage rates influence prevailing wage rates in the local market and compare to Davis Bacon rates? What impact does unionization in the local market have on wages?
17) Could a PLA contribute to cost savings in any of the following ways?
-Harmonization of shifts and holidays between the trades to cut labor costs?
-Minimization disruptions that may arise due to expiration of CBA?
-Availability of trained, registered apprentices, efficient for highly skilled workforce?
-Allowing for changes in apprentice to journeyman ration.
-Serving as management tool that ensure highly skilled workers from multiple trades are coordinated in the most efficient way.
18) Could a PLA minimize risk and contribute to greater efficiency in any of the following ways?
-Mechanisms to avoid delays
-Complying with Davis Bacon and other labor standards, safety rules and EEO and OFCP laws.
-Ensuring a steady supply of skilled labor in markets with low supply or high competition for workers.
19) Are there ways in which a PLA might increase costs on this particular project?

Interested Offerors shall respond to this Special Notice no later than 10 May 2018 . E-mail your response and with subject line W91278-18-PLA002. This Special Notice is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government, nor will the Government pay for the information solicited.

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