11 Oct 2019

Raytheon developing Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool

Raytheon is developing Capability Drop 4 of the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool, or EWPMT, under a multi-million dollar contract from the US Army over the next 24 months.

EWPMT is a first-of-its-kind tool that plans, manages and controls sensors and systems in the electromagnetic spectrum, providing critical information about what is happening in a crowded signal environment.

Delivered in what the Army calls Capability Drops, CD4 represents the final stage of a fully operating capability, or Increment 1.

Open architecture also allows the tool to execute cyber effects in multi-domain operations.

Raytheon delivered CD1 and CD2, and is currently working on CD3, which addresses using the tool in a tactical environment against threats. CD3 also includes all of the functionality of Raytheon’s Raven Claw, a mobile version of EWPMT that helps operators control signals in the field even without a host server or reliable connection to external data.

Under the CD4 contract, Raytheon will continue to develop software and the user interface for a more connected, mobile system.

Niraj Srivastava, Product Line Manager for Raytheon Electronic Warfare Systems, said: “EWPMT gives the Army the freedom to add new capabilities and algorithms so they can manage an increasingly complex electromagnetic spectrum and because it uses open architecture, the tool can be shared with other military services.”

image © Raytheon

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