15 Oct 2019

RAF Typhoons conduct exercise with Malaysian Air Force

A joint exercise between the RAF and the Royal Malaysian Air Force saw Typhoons train for Exercise Bersama Lima.

RAF Typhoon pilots were deployed to a Malaysian Air Force base in Penang for training exercises. The Typhoons were partnered with Malaysian Su30 Flankers and F18 Hornets.

The training comes ahead of Exercise Bersama Lima. The exercise will include pilots from Singapore, Malaysia, and other nations conducting Air Maritime and Air Land integration exercises.

A II(AC) Squadron Pilot from the RAF said: “This is a rare opportunity to fly against uniquely capable aircraft under high-G whilst deployed in Asia. This has enabled us to demonstrate Typhoon’s awesome capability against agile fighters whilst learning and sharing tactics that will enable enhanced future cooperation.”

“As fighter pilots, this type of flying gives us the chance to test our skills against the pilot as well as the aircraft following years of tough trainingIt requires intense concentration for the short duration flight but is a very rewarding experience.”

The training featured Typhoon pilots from the RAF Lossiemouth based II (Army Cooperation) Squadron conducting high energy training with the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The bilateral training has allowed the squadron to work in new conditions and with aircraft unfamiliar to RAF fast jet pilots.

Bersama Lima forms a large part of the Five Powers Defence Arrangements Exercise. The aim of the event is to allow the forces to work in unfamiliar conditions and with new aircraft as well as improving their ability to work alongside air forces from other nations.

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