07 May 2019

RAF Lossiemouth welcomes new Typhoon Squadron

RAF Lossiemouth has added a new fourth operational Typhoon Squadron for its NATO and UK airspace operations.

The Typhoon Squadron has been operational since the start of April but a ceremonial flypast and parade officially welcomed the aircraft. The personnel and aircraft of IX(B) Squadron will be at the heart of the UK’s Quick Reaction Alert(QRA) Force, ready to take off within minutes of an alert being triggered.

The ceremony coincided with the 80th anniversary of Lossiemouth. During some training exercises, aircraft will be painted with distinct markings to play the role or ‘aggressors’ able to match speed and manoeuvrability of pilots in training.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier said: “I’m delighted to be back at RAF Lossiemouth today, one day after the station celebrated its 80th Anniversary. RAF Lossiemouth has and will continue to play a key role in the Defence of the United Kingdom, being ready to intercept potential airborne threats 24/7 and in addition shortly becoming home to our nine new submarine hunting P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft.”

“These will work with our Typhoon force to patrol far out into the Atlantic protecting the UK’s submarine-based nuclear deterrent and two new aircraft carriers. Today’s transition of IX Squadron from Tornado to Typhoon is one important part of the expansion of RAF Lossiemouth which will see the number of service personnel here increase to some 2,300, supported by a further 1,800 MOD civilian and contractor staff.”

“I am proud to see our Combat Air capabilities continue to grow, a necessity as they will undoubtedly continue to be in exceptionally high demand on operations, here in the UK and across the world.”

Personnel and Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth conducted a NATO Air Policing mission role in Romania in 2018, where they scrambled eight times in response to 20 Russian aircraft as part of assurance measures for eastern allies. Later this year, RAF Lossiemouth aircraft will deploy to Iceland to conduct a further NATO Air Policing mission, while other aircraft from the UK Typhoon force deploy to Estonia on a similar task.

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