10 May 2018

Police spending has increased despite a drive to reduce blue light procurement spend

It was announced yesterday that the Home Office has published the latest statistics in its ‘basket of goods’ series.

Although there has been an increase in spend for credit reports, belts, batons and handcuffs. National Police Chiefs Council Lead for Finance Dave Thompson says that there the police will “continue to work hard to find further efficiencies and provide the best possible service to the public.”

See the latest blue light procurement figures below.


How much are the police spending?

It has been revealed that the police are spending £2.5 billion on goods, services and third party support, a quarter of the total £11 billion budget for 2017/18. Police Minister Nick Hurd has announced that the government will “continue to work with the police to make sure that the taxpayer is getting value for money”.


Increases in police spending

The Home Office has released details of the goods and services on which more has been spent, including:

  • Credit reports up 262%
  • Belts up 21%
  • Batons up 11%
  • Handcuffs up 6%

The most recent report has highlighted that the police are saving up to 63% per item by buying collectively and purchasing in bulk. This has helped to save £273 million of blue light procurement spend since 2015.


Additional investment in blue light procurement

It was also announced yesterday that taxpayers will be investing an additional £460 million this year in the UK’s police system.

The Police Minister was insistent that the police will not waste this investment “through inefficient procurement”, after it was revealed that police push bikes were purchased at variable costs, from £279 to £539 per bike.


Blue light tenders

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