23 May 2013

Plans submitted for wind farm in MOD nuclear listening zone

Summary: A planning application has been submitted to South Lanarkshire Council for a 14-turbine wind farm to be built within a seismic listening zone run by the Ministry of Defence.

The proposed 49MW wind farm, a joint venture between Falck Renewables Wind and RDC Partners LLP, would be situated within the 50km buffer zone of the Eskdalemuir seismic monitoring station, a zone run by the MOD and used to detect events such as nuclear testing around the world.

Wind development is heavily restricted inside the buffer zone, and the MOD has objected to new projects since 2009.

In 2011 plans for a wind farm scheme in Cumbria were rejected over MOD claims that it would interfere with the Eskdalemuir station.

However, consultancy Atmos Consulting, which is handling the application on behalf of the developers, said it was confident this issue could be resolved.

Roger McMichael, Principal Project Manager, said: “There are several options for managing the Eskdalemuir constraint, including fitting vibration damping to further operational and consented turbines to release budget, remodelling of the budget using new data and, indeed, negotiation with developers of consented projects within the Eskdalemuir zone.”


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