01 Sep 2017

Oxley Group wins development contract for Korea Aerospace Industries

Oxley Group has secured a contract with Korea Aerospace Industries to develop the full external lighting system on the new KF-X and IF-X Fighter Aircraft programme.

The KF-X / IF-X is a South Korean and Indonesian program to develop a single or twin seat advanced multirole fighter for the Republic of Korea Air Force and Indonesian Air Force.

As part of the development contract Oxley will be supplying a ground-breaking external LED lighting system which includes the landing light, taxi light, refuelling lights, formation lights, wing tip lights and an intelligent lighting controller.

The system provides total integration into the pilot’s multi-functional display.  The suite will be designed specifically for the new jets and the lights will outperform existing technology to deliver high performance and reliability.

Martin Blakstad, Oxley Group CEO said: “The Oxley team has been working closely with the team at Korea Aerospace Industries and this has created a strong relationship between the two companies, the Oxley team is enthusiastic about working on this ground breaking programme.

“To be part of a prestigious advanced technological platform such as this is confirmation of our world leading position in the provision of high performance lighting for military aircraft and we look forward to deepening our relationship with such a major manufacturer as Korea Aerospace Industries.”

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