21 Sep 2017

Northrop Grumman showcases missile defence capabilities at MSPO 2017

Northrop Grumman has showcased its missile defence capabilities at MSPO 2017, the International Defence Industry Exhibition held in Kielce, Poland.

During the exhibition, the global security specialist demonstrated methods of integrated air and missile defence command and control, and highlighted a raft of programmes including Counter-Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM), Integrated Battle Management System (IBMS), and Integrated Air and Missile Defence Battle Command System (IBCS).

For the uninitiated, an IBMS offers integrated planning and operations management capabilities, connected via a cyber-secure network. It’s a fully scalable system with strategic and tactical applications, able to provide a fuller picture of the operation in play.

Meanwhile, the IBCS is an integrated air and missile defence command and control system which delivers a single, unambiguous view of the battlespace. It enhances aircraft and missile tracking and boosts the ability of commanders to make critical decisions in mere moments.

Tellingly, Northrop Grumman’s presence is indicative of the organisation’s aspirations for Poland. In February 2017, the business signed a letter of intent with Poland’s largest defence contractor – the state-owned Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa – with a view to cultivating long-term strategic partnerships and exploring potential areas of industrial crossover.

“Northrop Grumman is committed to Poland and Polish industry, particularly in air and missile defence,” said Tarik Reyes, Vice President of Missile Defence and Protective Systems at Northrop Grumman. “Enabled through programmes like WISLA, Poland’s missile and air defence system, we are well-positioned to help create innovative solutions to meet Poland’s national security needs.

“We are excited to offer our range of core capabilities, and to establish a presence in Poland to enable us to build closer relationships with our key customers and support in-country business development activities more effectively.”

Also at MSPO 2017, Northrop Grumman’s German subsidiary – Northrop Grumman LITEF – showcased its range of Fibre Optic Gyros and MEMS Accelerometers, in addition to innovative Inertial Navigation and Reference Systems with air, land and maritime applications.

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