06 Sep 2019

New funding created for aviation security ideas in academia

The Department for Transport and the Home Office are offering PhD grants for aviation security ideas to improve airport boarding operations.

The Department for Transport and the Home Office have set up a funding programme offering aviation security grants to universities through the Industrial PhD Partnership (IPP). They are seeking ideas which improve airport security procedure and will offer students mentoring and funding in partnership with industry.

They aim to pursue ideas that will create a faster and simpler boarding security process for cargo and passengers in the future. Funding for ideas can be worth up to £1million with universities across the UK able to apply.

Brandon Lewis, Home Office Security Minister, said: “The introduction of these grants is an important part of our work to make sure the UK continues to boast the world class skills and experience needed to remain at the cutting edge of aviation security.”

“This is the latest example of the FASS fulfilling its vital role of bringing government, industry and academic experts together to ensure that we keep ahead of the evolving threats we face.”

Baroness Vere, Transport Minister, said: “The safety and security of everyone traveling is our highest priority and the UK is internationally recognised as a centre for aviation security. This valuable funding ensures our world leading universities continue to create a pool of highly skilled individuals, with the right expertise vital for our national security.”

FASS (Future Aviation Security Solutions) aims to create a group of aviation security researchers as well as developing new ideas. Successful students will have academic and industry supervisors to help them build a network of industry contacts across the sector and gain work experience.

The funding will be supported by Connected Places Catapult and brokerage events will be held this year on 12 September in Leeds,19 September in Birmingham, and 1 October in London. More information can be found through the fassipp@cp.catpult.org.uk email and applications will need to have both University and Industry Partners.

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