Networking with buyers for success

If you are looking to win more opportunities with the defence, networking with the right buyers using the right platforms can get you there.

Attending the right events/meet the buyer days and using innovative intelligence tools that can support your search for leads are just a few of many ways your business can discover the right defence tenders.

Learn more in our “Networking with buyers for success” guide below.


Defence events

Defence events like DPRTE give suppliers the opportunity to engage with representatives from defence organisations face to face.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), the Ministry of Defence and other frontline command teams all attend this event alongside international defence organisations such as the US Department of Defense and the Australian Defence Force.

At this year’s event, Dr Lucy Mason, Head of DASA, encouraged SMEs to reach out to her team while attending DPRTE. She said:

“We are very keen to be here to support DPRTE. These kinds of events are crucial to allow government and industry to cooperate, to work together, to get to know each other and to network. It is a really valuable event!”


Meet the buyer

The Defence Contracts Online website states that “Industry Days” otherwise known as meet the buyer events:

“allow potential suppliers to understand the requirement, to provide feedback to shape the requirement, and may also identify the potential for sub-contracting opportunities.”

These events are usually held in the early stages of a procurement, before the formal process has begun.

It is vital that suppliers attend these events as buyers want to learn more about the products and services they are procuring and the feedback from suppliers can often support the procurement team writing the tender to create realistic brief for those working in the defence marketplace.


Defence Intelligence

Defence Intelligence tools can support your search for tender opportunities and can help you reach out to the right buyers.

DCI’S Market Leads tool gives users access to details of upcoming recurring projects and framework renewals long before they’ve even been tendered, as well as contact details for the UK and international buyers that you want to work with.

Similarly, key contract data for MOD buyers and prime contractors for the UK can be found in the MOD Guide 2019.

Having this kind of visibility will support your efforts to engage earlier before defence organisations have officially tendered for goods or services.


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