20 May 2019

Naval Service specialists train Kenyan Forces

Naval Service specialists met with Kenyan Forces to provide training on tackling issues such as illegal fishing, piracy, and the drugs trade.

Specialists from 1 Assault Group Royal Marines’ Board and Search School and landing craftsmen from 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group trained Kenyan Forces in Mombasa to improve security in the Indian Ocean port. The team of Royal Marines and Royal Navy ranks were part of the Tri-Service British Peace Support Team, an organisation that aims to aid the United Nations and African Union Peace Support Operations.

The group aimed to gain a full understanding of the security issues affecting Kenya’s economy, and provide training on dealing with suspicious vessels in the city, which is a major trading port. Around 30 personnel came from various Kenyan agencies to train with Naval forces, particularly in boarding and searching vessels suspected of criminal activity.

The first part of the training consisted of classroom-based sessions on board and search operations at sea before phase two saw coastguard, police and port authority teams work together to practise their new skills in the water. A new training operation will take place later this year.

The opening and closing ceremonies were attended by dignitaries which featured a demonstration of the skills learned. The Mombasa port is crucial to the Kenyan economy making it vital to tackle security threats from ships involved in illegal activity.

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