14 Oct 2019

NATO troops from 14 countries collaborate in UK exercise

Over 3,000 NATO troops have travelled to take part in UK exercise Joint Warrior to improve defensive techniques.

Aircraft, NATO troops, ships, and submarines travelled to Scotland and Northern England for the UK exercise to improve defence techniques. Exercise Joint Warrior brings together NATO member nations to train together, including Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

The biannual exercise brings together the Royal Navy, the Army, and the RAF to lead joint operations with different forces. This year’s exercise features troops from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Denmark, the US, and Belgium.

Mark Lancaster, Minister for the Armed Forces, said: “As we look ahead to the December NATO Leaders’ meeting in London to mark the Alliance’s 70th anniversary, Exercise Joint Warrior provides a timely demonstration of why it is the bedrock of our defence.”

“A wide spectrum of allies and friends will come together, build understanding and sharpen our collective defence. We are stronger and safer together.”

During this iteration of the exercise, the Anglo-French Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF) will be tested ahead of becoming fully operational next year. The UK and France have been working together for nearly ten years developing the CJEF as an early intervention option with maritime, land, and air tactics.

As a complementary service to NATO, CJEF will be conducting Exercise Griffin Strike during Joint Warrior. The exercise is run by the UK but closely tied to the NATO exercise programme and their trading aims and hopes to prepare for future threats that could be faced by member countries.

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