25 May 2017

NATO leaders meet to discuss the fight against terrorism

NATO leaders are meeting today in Brussels to discuss the Alliance’s role in the fight against terrorism.

Previewing the agenda, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance is united in the fight against terrorism, particularly in light of the events in Manchester this week.

He said: “Our meeting will show that all NATO Allies remain united in the fight against terrorism in all its forms,” he said. “NATO leaders will take decisions to increase the Alliance’s support to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.”

The meeting will also mark the handover of its new headquarters from Belgium to NATO. The site previously served as a military airfield during both world wars, and it is appropriate that its new purpose will be as a venue for dialogue and cooperation.

Mr Stoltenberg continued: “This will be a historic milestone: a new home for a modern Alliance.”

The meeting is also scheduled to address the share of burden across all allies, and reaffirming the allies’ pledge to spend two per cent GDP on defence within a decade.

“We will decide that Allies will share and report on their progress every year,” said Mr Stoltenberg.

The Secretary General also noted that the meeting marks the ratification of Montenegro’s accession to NATO, an important occasion for the western Balkan states.

“NATO’s strength allows us to defend our nations at home, to train partners abroad, and to engage in difficult but important dialogue,” he said.


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