18 Jan 2018

NATO contracts Cobham for operational readiness training

Cobham this week announced that its Special Mission business has won a follow on contract courtesy of NATO to deliver Operational Readiness Training for a maximum of five years.

Awarded via a competitive tender process, the contract will provide electronic warfare and threat simulation training with a view to readying NATO allied forces for the complex, multi-layered front-line threats of today and tomorrow.

Cobham will deploy its own aircraft during training – manned by a highly experienced Cobham aircrew – equipped with a suite of NATO furnished equipment or Cobham’s very own in-house electronic warfare training technology.

It’s a big win for the contractor, which has delivered effective operational readiness training to military forces across the globe including NATO, the United Kingdom and the Middle East for over 30 years.

“Securing this follow on contract, with a customer as prominent as NATO, demonstrates that we have a world leading, technically advanced operational training capability that is innovative yet affordable,” said Darren Moncrieff, Vice President of Cobham Special Mission.

“Our training solution is able to meet the current training requirements of a modern military fighting force, and can adapt to meet future threats and requirements. Cobham remains committed to providing NATO with world leading training and technology solutions.”

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com

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