19 Sep 2018

“Monumental” Qatari deal displays the UK’s influence on international defence procurement

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has described the latest Qatari jet export deal as “monumental”. This defence procurement deal is extremely valuable and is worth around £5bn.

Qatar originally placed an order to purchase six Hawk trainers but is now buying nine. BAE Systems’ factories in Warton and Brough have been chosen to make the jets.


Boost to the British defence industry

The defence secretary has described the multibillion-pound deal as “monumental”, noting how proud he is to see the project under way.

The Defence Secretary and his Qatari counterpart, Dr Khalid bin Mohammed al Attiyah were both part of deal negations and the signing in Doha last December.

In a government statement Mr Williamson said;

“It’s a massive boost to the British defence industry, helping to support thousands of jobs, and it will help us further build the trust between the UK and Qatar to tackle the challenges we both share, support stability in the region and deliver security at home.”


International defence procurement

BAE Systems’ Chief Executive Charles Woodburn revealed that Qatar is the ninth country to purchase a Typhoon from their business, the type of deal which can sustain thousands of UK jobs.

Sales of defence equipment to foreign customers has surged by 53% last year to £9bn.This shows the UK’s place as a world leader in defence procurement and supports the Government’s Export Strategy which encourages “businesses of all sizes to make the most of the opportunities presented by markets around the world.”


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