07 Jan 2019

Modernising Defence Programme is “embracing new technologies”


£1.8bn funding will be allocated this month to strengthen UK Armed Forces and combat emerging global threats.

In a statement released at the end of last year, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that the MOD will be launching a transformation fund that will “drive innovation and change through the Department”, by embracing modern business practices and establishing a culture that nurtures transformation.


MOD to create “financial headroom for modernisation”


The MOD spends billions of pounds every year to protect the nation against ever-growing threats. However, Mr Williamson has stated that the MOD must “create financial headroom for modernisation”, maintaining that there is more work to be done as the MOD moves towards the 2019 Spending Review.

The latest statement from the Defence Secretary states that Mr Williamson will “make sure that the UK remains a Tier-One military power in the decade ahead and that we continue to deliver the strong defence and security that has been the hallmark of the government.”

The Defence Minister plans to re-prioritise the current Defence programme to increase weapon stockpiles and develop the resilience of defence systems and capabilities. Mr Williamson aims to:

“improve the readiness and availability of a range of key Defence platforms: major warships, attack submarines, helicopters and a range of ISTAR platforms.”


Defence procurement opportunities in 2019

The Ministry of Defence wants to sustain momentum around defence procurement to achieve its long-term goal of “increasing the lethality, reach and mass of our Armed Forces”. To do this the MOD intends to work with innovative suppliers that provide a range of solutions.

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