05 Nov 2019

MOD to modernise IT contracting

The MOD is looking to modernise its IT contracting practices to gain better access to digital experts.

The MOD is trying to improve its IT contracting practice as part of an overall modernisation of systems. A new framework agreement will allow the MOD to select multiple suppliers based on expertise to deliver IT programmes.

The Flexible Delivery Partner Framework (FDPF) aims to support new programmes and transformation over the next three to five years. The FDPF will be a multi-lot framework with multiple suppliers per lot in order to increase the range of capability.

The JFC is another department in the market for a provision of a cross-domain gateway to completely replace its existing solution for communicating with the Five-Eyes (FVEY) community (the intelligence sharing community that includes the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, in addition to the UK). The new system is set to become the Interoperability Gateway 2 (IOG2) and will completely replace the current gateway that handles secure email, web browsing, collaborative working environment, directory and conversational hypertext access technology services.

An industry event hosted by Tech UK is taking place in November over two sessions and will give suppliers a chance to learn more about the MOD’s requirements, and bolster their chances of winning a place on the framework. The MOD will use this framework to access skills, knowledge and innovation from an estimated 6-9 suppliers (though without committing to a specified investment in advance).

The Flexible Delivery Partner Framework Industry Day will be held in London on 6 November. The session will allow for feedback on the FDPF and give the MOD the chance to explain how it will work to attendees.

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