06 Feb 2019

MoD teams up with Wazoku for digital platform management

The Ministry of Defence us utilising Wazoku’s idea management platform, Idea Spotlight, with the hopes of improving staff involvement in innovation.

The MoD has announced its collaboration with UK-based company Wazoku, replacing its current idea platform GEMS Scheme in order to modernise staff involvement.

Idea platforms allow for more staff involvement in company growth and innovation. Idea Spotlight includes spaces for staff to submit ideas, compare them against company standards, identify issue, and collaborate with contractors and investors. Staff can then be rewarded and recognised for contribution.

The GEMS Scheme, which launched in 2012, achieved approximate savings of £14m and engaged around 11% of the department. Through that platform, over 5000 ideas have been submitted and 466 were taken forward. The MoD hopes that Idea Spotlight will see an even greater increase in engagement.

Stuart Laws from Defence Innovation said: We are looking forward to partnering with Wazoku to build on our experience of delivering and managing an innovative idea management programme.”

“MOD is proud of the commitment and dedication demonstrated by our people, and through Wazoku’s idea management solution we will ensure that the MOD continues to recognise and reward that dedication.”

The adopting of Idea Spotlight is indicative of the MoD’s desire to modernise and ensure collaboration between all areas of defence, including The Royal Navy, The Royal Airforce, The British Army, and Defence Infrastructure Organisation. Wazoku formed in 2011 and has big name clients including Waitrose and THE University of Oxford, cementing themselves as a modern and fast—growing company.

Wazuko CEO and founder Simon Hill said of the MoD: “It’s an organisation that already has a successful track record of innovation, so implementing Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight platform feels like a natural evolution as it seeks to embed ideas and innovation into its everyday capability.”

GEMS Scheme launched in 1996 as a means of driving staff innovation. It is hoped the new platform will improve on what has already been achieved and make communication easier.

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