11 Dec 2012

MOD moves online content to GOV.UK

From 13 December the Ministry of Defence website will officially close. All content MOD content after this date will be found on the ‘Inside Government’ section of the new GOV.UK website.

Launched in October, GOV.UK is a central reserve of government services and information online. All government departmental websites are expected to move to the service by 2014 and it is expected to save the taxpayer up to £70m a year. Substantial further savings will be achieved as more departments and agencies move on to the platform.

GOV.UK is a key element in the Government’s Digital by Default agenda and has been two years in the making. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude assured the public that the change to digital is for the better:

“A little over a year ago this Government set out an ICT strategy focused on making Government technology cheaper, more transparent, more innovative and flexible – with more opportunities for new suppliers, including SMEs.

“Digital is not just another channel; it is the delivery choice for this generation.”

All the content on the current MOD website has been captured on the UK Government Web Archive, provided by the National Archives.

From Thursday when you go to the old site you will be redirected to GOV.UK’s MOD pages: www.gov.uk/mod The new ‘Inside Government’ section will be the best place to search for MOD news and information in future.