13 Dec 2017

MoD award £4.49 million body armour contract

The Ministry of Defence has agreed a contract worth £4.49 million with Morgan Advanced Materials to supply body armour.

The contract will see the Composites and Defence business of Morgan deliver hard body armour that has been designed and manufactured to bespoke requirements.

The ultra-lightweight LASA LWB III+SA06 plate weighs just 1kg and defeats threats beyond NIJ Level III.  It’s a standalone ballistic insert and does not require any additional soft armour to counter threats.

The armour will be designed and manufactured at Morgan’s UK factory in Coventry.

Simon Pickin, President of Morgan’s Composites and Defence business commented: “We are honoured to extend our relationship delivering bespoke protective body armour to the UK Ministry of Defence.  Through a combination of extensive composite and ceramic materials knowledge, rigorous testing, and careful application, we are able to deliver ultra-lightweight body armour offering class leading levels of protection.

“From ballistic helmets, to rifle protected shields and personal armour plates, we are experiencing high demand for our range of ultralight personal armour from our global customer base.  We continue to work with major defence and law enforcement organisations and are thrilled to further our products with the UK Ministry of Defence.”

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