08 Nov 2012

MOD adopts Cloud technology

The Ministry of Defence has announced the launch of a new online service which allows staff to leave suggestions on MOD practices and processes.

Skyscape Cloud Services were awarded the contract to deliver the GEMS Online system. It is hoped that the system will enable MOD and Armed Forces personnel to make suggestions to help the MOD improve its processes and enable the MOD to rapidly access and act upon the innovation and experience of its own staff.

This is the first instance of the MOD making use of Cloud technology, with security concerns playing a major role in their previous reluctance to embrace the technology. GEMS Online has been rolled out using the G-Cloud Framework, the Government’s own centralised store for Cloud-based applications, which originally came into use over a year ago. This could be another step further towards the MOD making greater use of the opportunities new technologies can offer.

Jonathan Slater, DG Transformation and Corporate Services, MOD, was impressed by the simplicity of the G-Cloud.

He said: “Using the G-Cloud Framework has enabled us to access a wide range of pre-procured services and suppliers. We have avoided a complex procurement and by using utility-based technology have been able to move exceptionally quickly from proof of concept through to live deployment.

“The whole process has been very easy from start to finish and we have made substantial cost savings too. GEMS Online hosted on Skyscape is an excellent example of how new ways of transacting and consuming ICT are helping government to rise to its challenges and transform.”