29 Jul 2019

Lowest paid military personnel to receive pay rise

The Defence Secretary has announced that the lowest-paid members of the armed forces will receive a pay rise of 6%.

The Defence Secretary announced the above-inflation pay rise which will affect all the lowest-paid sailors, soldiers, and airmen and women. The 6% increase has been put in place to ensure armed forces personnel are receiving a living wage.

The MOD has accepted the recommendations of the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body in full, including a 2.9% increase in pay across the armed forces this financial year. The 6% pay increase will affect newly trained personnel as well as junior members of the armed forces.

Pay increases will result in an extra £995 a year on average and an additional £1,140 extra a year for the lowest paid. Following basic training, new personnel and juniors will earn around £20,000 a year.

Personnel also have access to pension schemes and subsided accommodation. The annual pay award will be implemented in September’s salaries and will be backdated from April according to the government announcement.

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