LOGNET 18-1: Modernising Defence Logistics

7-8 JUNE 2018


Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel, 140 Bath Road, Harlington, Hayes UB3 5AW


LOGNET is the Ministry of Defence’s logistics support enterprise engagement and future development event. We want to engage with the logistics and engineering industry, academia, international partners and allies to optimise military logistics and promote UK prosperity; not just by being open for business, but by being open for modernisation. LOGNET is designed to improve outside understanding of UK Defence logistic requirements, and to pursue knowledge of academic and commercial capability and new developments while reinforcing partnerships through continuing engagement.


Benefits of attending LOGNET:


  • Understand Defence’s logistic requirements to propose superior solutions.
  • Opportunity to influence Defence Logistics policy, direction and development.
  • Engage with the future vision of Defence Logistics capability and industry integration.
  • Opportunity to conduct business with Defence partners.
  • Maintain the equitable relationship between Defence and the logistics and engineering enterprise.
  • Opportunity for attendees to forward questions, points and comments directly via an interactive conference software app.
  • LOGNET 18-1 is free to attend with lunch and refreshments included.


Background to LOGNET 18-1


Building on previous LOGNET events and following the National Security Capability Review (NSCR) the next LOGNET event seeks to complement the activity ongoing within the Modernising Defence Programme (MDP). Defence Logistics sees the opportunity to use LOGNET to develop thinking and activity influencing outcomes and future work as the department develops its next iteration of strategic direction.


LOGNET is used to support Defence Logistics in arguing the case for the UK to maintain a credible, highly capable and value for money logistics capability. This capability enables and supports military forces while contributing to Other Government Department effect. Within the themes of the Modernising Defence Programme LOGNET seeks to enable a stronger relationship with industry and welcomes new ways of thinking and innovation. Previously the LOGNET group has provided views and ideas; we have listened to these and used them to inform our work within the various reviews and activity that has been taking place. Now we are seeking a renewed discussion aiming to foster greater information-sharing and the opportunity for the relationship to be evolved.


Aim of LOGNET 18-1


The aim of LOGNET 18-1 is to update the network on the topics which are being investigated for development and to discuss in more detail some of the topics. It is then to enable the opportunity for industrial partners to consider the challenges faced, giving the opportunity for proposals to be brought back to Defence Logistics personnel within the linked 18-2 event.


LOGNET 18-1 content


The agenda for LOGNET 18-1: ‘Evolving Defence Logistics’ on 7-8 June 2018 will provide an update on Defence Logistics challenges and opportunities. It will also progress from previous LOGNET work which has brought Defence Logistic focus to these areas:


  • Rapid information infrastructure deployment
  • Human/Computer Interface
  • Reducing dependency demand, operational cost and logistics footprint on deployments
  • Condition Based Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance & Monitoring Systems
  • Space (Saving) Food Concept – less transport mass, full nourishment
  • Smarter Power Distribution
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting and management of the condition of precious stock
  • Battlefield Water Generation
  • Battlefield Manufacturing (Additive Manufacturing)
  • Automation, Robots, Drones and Remote Controlled (Hardware) eg: unmanned delivery vehicles
  • Artificial Intelligence for logistics
  • Quicker/Smart Contract Writing (Software)
  • Mobile/Agile Warehousing
  • Augmented Reality for training and surrogate expert repairs
  • Codification & Item Data


An industry response event (LOGNET 18-2) is planned for 9-10 October 2018 when the industry will have the opportunity to showcase its solutions.


Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Parking at the hotel is free.


If your organisation is connected to the logistics and engineering support sector and you

would like to engage with the Defence Logistics community, please feel welcome to sign up and attend LOGNET 18-1.


Please sign up on Eventbrite through this link:




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