19 Jan 2018

Leonardo strengthens ties with the State of Kuwait

Leonardo has demonstrated its commitment to the State of Kuwait, having showcased its capabilities at the Kuwait Aviation Show.

Kuwait is an area of strategic market importance for Leonardo. In recent months, the country has strengthened ties with the company following the order of 28 Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat aircraft, production of which is already underway.

These will be some of the most advanced models to date, incorporating the Leonardo-led Captor-E AESA radar alongside the Storm Shadow, Brimstone, Meteor and Marte ER weapon systems.

Visitors to the Kuwait Aviation Show were also able to learn first-hand about the Typhoon, in addition to Leonardo’s M-346 trainer aircraft. To date, a number of Kuwaiti Air Force pilots have earned their stripes at the Italian Air Force M-346 Training Academy, thanks in part to Leonardo’s current generation training system.

Leonardo also took the time to highlight its Electronic Warfare (EW) range capabilities, which the company has now made available to the Kuwait Air Force. The EW Mobile Range will enable Kuwaiti pilots to test their metal against realistic targets in live exercises, using emitter equipment to simulate radio frequency (RF), InfraRed (IR) and laser threats.

Crucially, this service has applications across a number of aircraft types including Kuwait’s own Apache, currently equipped with the ‘HIDAS’ electronic warfare defensive suite courtesy of Leonardo.

Finally, the company continues to provide training and operational support to Kuwait, with members of the Kuwait Air Force completing a six month training course at Leonardo’s UK-based Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) facility.

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Image courtesy of poidl / Shutterstock.com

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