19 Jul 2019

Jonathan Allen discusses UN peacekeeping in Security Council speech

UK Ambassador to the UN Jonathan Allen spoke about UN peacekeeping and cooperation in a speech at the Security Council open debate.

The UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UK spoke about UN peacekeeping efforts, as well as the relationship between the Security Council, the Secretariat, TCCs and PCCs. He highlighted the UK’s contribution to overseas security including troops and police.

He spoke about the need to cooperate with other countries taking part in UN operations. Britain met with Permanent Representatives of other troop-contributing countries ahead of this year’s ANISOM mandate renewal.

Jonathan Allen said: “Mr President, the Secretary-General urged Member States to make a greater commitment to peacekeeping through A4P – Actions for Peacekeeping and 151 Member States endorsed that declaration.”

“And that declaration specifically called upon us to implement existing inter-governmental commitments on triangular cooperation – namely to strengthen consultations between peacekeeping stakeholders on mandate supplementation, to strengthen UN and EU cooperation, and to expand the triangular partnership project which builds long-term capacity for TCCs and supports capacity building.”

He called on shared commitments to improve the use of performance data on deployment as well as holding personnel and leadership to account. He noted that such improvements could help tackle issues such as violence and abuse and expressed disappointment over some country’s attempts to prevent reform.

The peacekeeping solution from the Fifth Committee would have helped tackle abuse and improve peacekeeping, according to Allen. He said that such reforms would have prevented these issues as well as improving security for personnel taking part in peacekeeping missions.

He concluded by calling on other UN nations to commit to ensuring reforms can be made. He said consensus was needed, as requested by the Secretary-General, in order to improve processes.

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