27 Apr 2017

Invaluable insight into defence procurement

The Ministry of Defence spends around £20 billion a year on a wide range of defence equipment and services and is UK industry’s single largest customer.

In a new publication,The Essential MOD Guide to Defence Procurement, you can gain invaluable insight into the defence supply chain, trends and spends.

In a new publication, The Essential MOD Guide to Defence Procurement, you can gain invaluable insight into the defence supply chain, trends and spends.

The guide contains a comprehensive directory of:

  • Trade Associations
  • Agencies and Other MOD Teams and Organisations
  • Commands and Centre Teams
  • DE&S Operating Centres
  • Prime Contractors
  • MOD Key Supplier Contacts
  • Industry Contacts

Our second extract from this informative publication is from Keith Skempton CBE DL, a retired Major General who has worked in the commercial defence sector. In this feature he explores the importance of partnership working and the adoption of a new ‘Whole force Approach’ in delivering winning, innovative solutions to the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces have adopted a ‘Whole Force Approach’ which is all about establishing partnering arrangements between the military, civil servants, contractors and the wider defence industry.

Successful partnerships between the Armed Forces and the private sector rely on three key concepts: trust, innovation and collaboration.

There is a drive to reduce the footprint of the defence estate, and Government has also outlined a specific requirement to provide land for housing.

This context provides an opportunity for the private sector to work closely with the Services to produce innovative, cost-effective solutions.

For partnership to thrive, a culture of innovation needs to be adopted, encouraging workable, cost-effective ‘bright ideas’. The Army has embraced a closer relationship with industry with seminars at the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research at Camberly. For the wider commercial audience, they host the Army Capability Symposium at which the Chief of the General Staff and his cohort of senior, influential policy makers brief around 300 representatives from industry.

Partnership can be formal and contractual or informal and encompassing a familiar supply chain or outsourcing from a broader base. However, the essence of partnership is the same. It’s about encouraging innovation which means opening up to a broader audience for their ideas. Once a course is chosen, the relationships and team-work need to work together over time to produce the best outcome – this ‘Whole Force Approach’ – will be well worth the investment.”

The Essential MOD Guide to Defence Procurement 2017 will help buyers and suppliers navigate through the many changes and opportunities that will present themselves not just in 2017, but also beyond that time.

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