08 May 2019

Innovation in the Defence Market

This year’s DPRTE (Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability) event showcased the work of defence suppliers and organisations from across the world.

Many of these organisations provide innovative solutions and ideas to defence organisations like the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), Ministry of Defence (MOD), Defence Infrastructure Organisations (DIO) and the US Department of Defense.

Learn more about how suppliers can help the defence sector innovate below.

DASA – driving innovation forward

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) attended DPRTE 2019 and Dr Lucy Mason, Head of DASA, had one message for suppliers with niche solutions and innovative ideas – reach out.

The organisation works closely with suppliers from the concept stage of a product or service through to development, helping many startups and SMEs to deliver innovation and value.

DASA is currently working with the Home Office and the Department for Transport to encourage businesses with ideas that cover all aspects of aviation and border screening (from passengers to cargo, mail, hold bags and more), to come forward.

Aviation Minister Baroness Vere, referring to this project and the importance of suppliers in the development of such innovations, said:

“The UK has some of the most advanced aviation security in the world, and we must continue to make it safer and easier for everyone using airports.

We want ambitious and innovative businesses to apply for funding to develop the security technologies of the future.”


How to find opportunities

If you are looking to provide consultancy or innovative product design to defence organisations in the UK and overseas, expand your opportunities with business intelligence.

DCI’s portfolio of business intelligence tools can provide support growth for businesses at all levels. Whether you are an SME that is relatively new to working with the defence sector, or a large multinational corporate company looking for deeper market insight, learn more by booking a free demo with one of our defence experts.

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