23 Mar 2015

Infographic: The Budget 2015

The Budget 2015 was an opportunity for the Chancellor to highlight his party’s successes as the UK heads towards an incredibly tight General Election. And according to George Osborne, Britain is making a comeback.

In what may be his final Budget announcement to the House of Commons this afternoon, Mr Osborne outlined an economic recovery, help for businesses of all sizes and ‘a Britain that is working again’.

This was a Budget designed to highlight the Conservative Party’s track record on the economy and the deficit and to deliver one last blow to Labour before the country goes to the polls.

According to Mr Osborne,

“We cut the deficit and confidence is returning. We limited spending, made work pay, backed business – and growth is returning.”

So what did the Chancellor have in store for businesses and which industries look set to be the big winners in the run-up to the General Election? Our brief infographic explains everything you need to know:


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