23 Nov 2017

IMT Vislink wins US Army contract for surveillance devices

IMT Vislink has been awarded a $12.5 million contract by the US Army for the supply of hand-held intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance receiver devices.

The agreement will see the xG Technology company provide equipment including ruggedized, lightweight hand-held receivers designed to display real-time video imagery transmitted by aerial assets or frontline surveillance platforms, as well as related accessories.

The contract has an estimated completion date of September 24, 2020 and represents the third contract received from the US Army since 2013 for the same requirement.

George Schmitt, Executive Chairman and CEO of xG Technology, said: “We are honoured to have been chosen by the U.S. Army to fulfill this important contract. It is a huge game changer that underscores our proven expertise in designing and delivering best-in-class wireless video communications solutions that enhance tactical insights.

“We will work closely with the Army to ensure they gain maximum effectiveness of our equipment in conducting their operations. We look forward to commencing product deliveries, and have already manufactured 50 units that are ready to ship as needed to our forces overseas.”

Mr. Schmitt continued: “Beyond just the value of the contract to us, we are proud to have our technology support our fighting men and women overseas and look forward to supporting our troops in any way we can. This is hopefully the first of many contracts we will be successful in obtaining in the future.”

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