19 Aug 2019

HMS Kent and HMS Defender begin Asian missions

HMS Kent and HMS Defender have deployed from their Portsmouth bases to begin Asian missions in the Gulf and the Pacific.

HMS Kent and HMS Defender have been deployed from Plymouth to Asian missions in the Gulf and Asian Pacific respectively to tackle smuggling, terrorism, and forge regional ties. HMS Kent, a type 23 frigate, will take on the duties of HMS Duncan and work alongside the US as part of the new International Maritime Security Construct.

It will also work alongside the HMS Montrose escorting British ships through the Strait of Hormuz. The ships will provide security for the trade route as well as tackling smuggling.

Commanding Officer of the HMS Kent Commander Andy Brown said: “Today’s departure on operations has been achieved through the hard work and support of the ship’s company, their families and the wider defence enterprise.”

“Our focus in the Gulf remains firmly one of deescalating the current tensions. But we are committed to upholding freedom of navigation and reassuring international shipping, which this deployment on operations aims to do.”

Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender will aim to forge regional ties through providing maritime security in the Asia Pacific. The ship will demonstrate UK interests in the area and participate in security patrols.

A large amount of UK trade comes from the Asia Pacific region and security in the area includes vessels from over 30 nations. The UK hopes to forge ties in the area and show their ongoing commitment to providing security for the important trade route and the ships that pass through it.

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