22 Aug 2019

HMS Defender meets with Indian Navy ahead of Asia-Pacific deployment

HMS Defender met with ships from the Indian Navy in the English Channel ahead of its Asia-Pacific deployment.

HMS Defender teamed up with INS Tarkash in preparation for its Asia-Pacific Deployment for Exercise Konkan. The exercise tests the ability of the two navies to work alongside each other.

The training usually takes place along the Konkan coastline in India, which includes Mumbai and Goa, where the UK maintains a regular presence. This year, the training took place in the English channel to accommodate Indian navy ships deployed in Western Europe.

Communications Specialist Engineering Technician Angus Lawrence said: “It was interesting to see how culturally different the ship was, but also lots of similarities to our own ship.”

Commander Richard Hewitt, Commanding Officer of the HMS Defender, said: “It is these regular engagements and opportunities to train with other navies that prove our capability to deliver on operations alongside our allies.”

The HMS Defender and Stealth Frigate INS Tarkash completed training manoeuvres and serials including anti-submarine warfare demonstrations and boarding operations. A wildcat helicopter from Defender and a Helix from Tarkash switched to each other’s decks and personnel from both sides spend time on each other’s ships.

Both ships are designed to be stealth vessels, able to avoid showing up on enemy radar. HMS Defender is equipped with the Sea Viper anti-air missile system and is designed to protect air fleets and has also been used in submarine hunting missions, humanitarian aid, and protecting trade routes against smuggling gangs, drugs, and piracy.

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