11 Jan 2019

Global Opportunities After Brexit For Defence Sector

With Brexit looming there is speculation that the UK could become a true global defence player, with the possibility of opening new military bases in the Caribbean and the Far East. These new developments could potentially provide the UK with vast global opportunities after Brexit. Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Defence, has said that this is “our moment to be true global players once more”.


Defence Post-Brexit

To help ensure that the UK is prepared to prosper post-Brexit, the defence sector is investing time and money into building UK Defence into a global player. The Defence Secretary outlined his future ambitions for Defence post-Brexit, stating that “this is our biggest moment since the Second World War”. He further stated that the UK should be “much more optimistic about our future as we exit the European Union”.


Global Defence Opportunities

With the ongoing development of the defence sector, there are now even more global defence tender opportunities becoming available. Mr Williamson said of the proposed new military bases: “…we are looking at those opportunities not just in the Far East but also in the Caribbean as well”. He also predicted Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Caribbean states and nations across Africa would look to the UK for “the moral leadership, the military leadership and the global leadership”.

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