Georgia: Establishment of the Enguri Hydrology Initiative – Consultancy Support

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: Georgia

Title: Georgia: Establishment of the Enguri Hydrology Initiative – Consultancy Support
Project Name – Establishment of the Enguri Hydrology Initiative
EBRD Project ID – N/A
Country – Georgia
Tender Exercise Name – Establishment of the Enguri Hydrology Initiative – Consultancy Support
ECEPP Tender Exercise ID. – 8687032
Type of Procurement – Consultancy
Procurement Method – Consultancy Single Stage Open
Client Name – JSC “Georgian Energy Development Fund”

Business Sector – Power and Energy
Type of Notice – Request For Proposals
General Procurement Notice Published –
Publication Date – 24/10/2019 10:45
Issue Date – 24/10/2019 12:00
Closing Date – 26/11/2019 14:00

The above named client intends to use part of the proceeds of a loan from/grant administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) towards the cost of the above named project. Contracts will be subject to the Bank’s Procurement Policies and Rules.

Funding Details:

Grant administered by the Bank, from Client’s own funds towards the cost of the above named project

It is anticipated that the contract will be financed by Austria Drive Fund. Selection and contracting are subject to the availability of funding.

The proceeds of the loan from/ grant administered by the Bank will be open to firms from any country unless otherwise specified and will not be used for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, of for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations or under a law of official regulation of the Client’s country.

The Client now intends to select and contract a consulting company (the Consultant) for the above named assignment. The selection method (procurement method) is shown above and interested firms or groups of firms are invited to submit a Technical and Financial Proposal.

The expected outcome of the assignment is as follows:

Establishment of a river basin wide initiative that will support Enguresi Company and other relevant stakeholders to prioritize climate risk management.

The selected consultant is expected to provide the following services:

Project Description:

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the EBRD or the Bank) is considering financing a further rehabilitation of the Enguri Hydropower Plant (HPP) run by the state-owned Enghuresi Company (the Client), as well as financing development of a number of smaller hydropower plants located in the Enguri river basin.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ensuing civil war, the limited human and financial resources of Georgia’s Hydro-Meteorological Department have allowed to provide only limited hydro-meteorological data to the hydropower sector. For the entire Enguri river basin, there is only one state-owned functioning observation station available. Hydropower operators and developers carry out weather and hydrological monitoring to satisfy their own needs. Despite the prominence of the hydropower sector, no measurements of discharges and sediment contents are routinely taken by the Hydro-Meteorological Department. This presents a significant economic risk as it is expected that in the medium term Georgia will experience increased variability and shifting of hydrological patterns, whereas in a more remote future more profound climate changes may materialise.

Another challenge arising in the Enguri basin is sedimentation. The Enguri HPP reservoir already has significant sediment deposits and its operator, Engurhesi, is launching a process to assess and implement short and long-term solutions to address this sedimentation issue in a sustainable manner.

The Enguri river basin plays an important role in Georgia’s energy system and attracts numerous developers and investors. There is a clear need for improved coordination of hydro-meteorological and hydrological data collection and provision, as well as introduction of best international practices in this area.

Assignment Description:
In response to the above-mentioned needs, the Bank intends to appoint a team of experts (“the Consultant”) in order to achieve the following objectives:

• Establishment of a river basin wide initiative that fosters better coordination and collaboration among stakeholders in the Enguri basin, and fits Georgia’s plan to adopt and implement the EU water framework directive;
• Strengthening of technical skills and capacity for collecting, accessing and using hydro-meteorological data for managing risks associated with climatic variability and climate change to ensure optimised hydropower energy generation and dam safety;
• Development of an effective hydrological model (or models); improved use of hydromet data and hydrological modelling, resulting in optimised energy generation, improved dam safety and climate risk management;
• Establishment of data sharing for the members of the Initiative;
• Institutional continuation of the Initiative after the end of the Assignment;
• Analysis of test results for piloting draft Hydropower Sector Climate Resilience Guidelines.

The assignment is expected to start on 24/10/2019 and have an estimated overall duration of 24 months.

Cost Estimate (exclusive of VAT) :
EUR 450,000.00

Response Requirements:

In order to determine the capability and experience of consultants seeking to be selected, the consultant shall submit a response in accordance with the requirements of the procurement documentation available from the link in this notice. Following this request for proposals, the selection will be made from the proposals received in response to this notification only, on the basis of the selection criteria set out in the procurement documentation. The highest-ranked consultant will be selected and be invited to negotiate the contract, subject to availability of funding.

This consultant selection will be conducted by e-procurement using the EBRD Client E-Procurement Portal (ECEPP). Prospective participants who have registered in ECEPP and expressed an interest in the contract may access the documents and may request clarification and further information from the client through ECEPP. Non-registered firms should register on ECEPP at this link:

and express an interest in this assignment. The RFP for this assignment is available for firms registered in ECEPP free of charge at the above link. Full conditions for participation are included in the documents. Prospective consultants may request clarification and further information from the client through ECEPP. Following submission, qualified firms will be ranked on the basis of the criteria set out in the RFPS and the highest ranked consultant will be selected to negotiate the contract, subject to availability of funding.

Client Address:
Giorgi Kakushadze –
JSC Georgian Energy Development Fund
JSC Georgian Energy Development Fund
Baratashvili street, #8, 4th floor, Tbilisi, 0105, Georgia
Tel. +9950322181131, Email:


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