25 Apr 2017

First EDA Defence Energy Managers’ course gets underway

The European Defence Agency welcomed 20 students from nine Member States to the opening session of their Defence Energy Managers’ Course (DEMC), which will target reducing the energy usage within military installations.

The first of its kind, the course will be run at the multi-national level and provide both theoretical and practical energy management system training to facility managers from the navies, armies and air forces of Europe.

The EDA launched the course in January this year with the intention of enhancing MoD capabilities through the establishment and implementation of the EDA’s Energy & Environment Working Group (EnE WG) within their organisations.

The programme starts with a five-day classroom session that will cover the essentials of energy management, with students given project specific mentoring to deliver energy savings within their own national sites.

The course will also provide one-on-one instruction from market leading experts and lead to trainees delivering practical, cost-effective solutions.

They will also receive case-specific mentoring support on their first project delivered within the context of their normal work activities.

The course is divided into five distinct modules (three classroom and two practical) and is based on the ISO 50001 standard but with specific applicability to the defence sector.

The EDA said the course represents an important milestone in the Agency’s policy on sustainability in defence and runs in parallel with the Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector.

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