07 Sep 2017

First bilateral Exercise Pacific Griffin concludes

The US and Singaporean navies have concluded the first bilateral Exercise Pacific Griffin.

The training exercise took place between 19 August and 2 September 2017 as part of ongoing efforts to explore new training spaces and opportunities for both navies.

The exercise, which saw planning for its execution begin last year, consisted of a full-spectrum of naval operations ranging from anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare to air defence, live fire drills and tactical ship manoeuvres.

The exercise involved more than 850 personnel from Singapore and the United States.

US naval assets taking part included the littoral combat ship USS Coronado, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Benfold, replenishment oiler USNS Matthew Pecos and the Singaporean multirole stealth frigates RSS Supreme and RSS Stalwart and landing platform dock ship RSS Endurance.

Navy Capt. Lex Walker, Commodore of Destroyer Squadron 7 said: “The U.S. Navy deeply values our close partnership with the Republic of Singapore Navy.

“Pacific Griffin 2017 provided a unique opportunity for both navies to interact and engage in a broader and more complex range of maritime scenarios and operations.

“The complexity and sophistication of Pacific Griffin is a direct result of the many accomplishments and lessons we’ve learned from working together with the Republic of Singapore Navy for many years”

Commander First Flotilla and Commanding Officer of 185 Squadron Colonel Saw Shi Tat commented: “The operating environment in Guam gave us the opportunity to hone our edge and push our operational envelopes. It also allowed us to operate with our friends and partners from around the world, including the US Navy.”

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