17 May 2019

Exercise Northern Edge takes place in Alaska

Around 10,000 US military personnel are participating in exercise Northern Edge 2019 (NE19), a joint training exercise hosted by US Pacific Air Forces, on and above central Alaska ranges and the Gulf of Alaska, May 13-24.

NE19 is one in a series of US Indo-Pacific Command exercises in 2019 that prepares joint forces to respond to crises in the Indo-Pacific. The exercise is designed to sharpen participants’ tactical combat skills, to improve command, control and communication relationships, and to develop interoperable plans and programs across the joint force.

Personnel from US military units stationed in the continental United States and from US installations in the Indo-Pacific will participate with approximately 250 aircraft from all services, and five US Navy ships. For the first time in 10 years, a Pacific Fleet aircraft carrier participated in the exercise.

Those involved will serve as part of a joint task force, which will help enhance multi-service integration and exercise a wide range of joint capabilities.

Major participating units include: US Indo-Pacific Command, U.S. Pacific Air Forces, US Pacific Fleet, Marine Corps Forces Pacific, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Materiel Command, US 3rd Fleet, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and US Naval Reserve.

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