27 Mar 2019

European Defence Fund receives funding for joint research and industrial projects

The European Defence Fund has received €525million for joint research and industrial projects to modernise defence.

The European Commission has begun work programmes to co-finance joint research and industrial projects for 2019-2020. Projects include drone defence, intelligence and communication, and cyber defence.

The Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) work programme will provide €500million for defence capabilities. Projects funded include €80million for threat detection and counter drone technology, €182million for cyber defence, maritime surveillance, space situational awareness, and early warning capability, €27million for artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and SMEs, and €37million for ESSOR military communications.

Vice President Jyrki Katainen, responsible for jobs, growth, investment, and competitiveness said: “Cooperation in defence is the only way to protect and defend Europeans in an increasingly instable world. We are doing our part. Joint projects are materialising. European Defence is happening. On the basis of this successful experience we will scale up fundinto have a fully-fledged European Defence Fund in place in 2021.”

An additional €25million will be put into a work programme dedicated to research in electromagnetic spectrum dominance and future disruptive defence technologies. Proposals can be submitted until the end of August this year and the commission hopes to secure a European Defence Fund for 2012-2027.

The Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) has been running for three years with the aim of promoting defence cooperation under EU funds. The research will focus on modern technology that can be used to improve capability as well as industry competitiveness.

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