08 Mar 2018

Enhanced Patriot demonstrated in live fire test, says Raytheon

Raytheon has conducted the live fire test of the newest suite of upgrades for the Patriot Air and Missile Defence System with representatives from eight nations in attendance.

Official Prime Contractor Partner: Raytheon

The successful test, carried out by the US military, used Post Deployment Build 8 (PDB-8) to fire two Patriot interceptor missiles at two tactical ballistic missile targets.

“The success of this test is proof that investment by the 14-nation Global Patriot partnership are paying off,” said Tom Laliberty, Vice President of Integrated Air and Missile Defense at Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business. “Through sustained investment we will continually modernize and enhance Global Patriot to keep it ahead of the constantly evolving threat.”

Following on from the test, it is anticipated that PDB-8 will be fielded with the US Army and other Patriot partners later on in the year. According to Raytheon, PDB-8 offers:

  • Enhanced capabilities against a variety of threats.
  • Improved friend or foe identification.
  • Extended radar search facilities.
  • Upgraded target detection and identification.
  • A redesigned fire solution computer, enabling Patriot to take advantage of PAC-3 MSE.
  • A revamped enhanced weapons control computer, providing 50% additional processing power.

Patriot is one of the most advanced tactical air and missile defence systems in the world today. There are 14 Patriot nations to date; among them Germany, Japan, Kuwait and the United States of America.

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