05 Nov 2019

EDA hosts workshop to develop radio technology

The EDA hosted a PESCO workshop to improve radio technology for European militaries.

The third PESCO workshop formed part of European Defence Agency (EDA) plans to develop common radio technology across the European military. The workshop aims to improve interoperability between member states involved in the project – France, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, and Germany.

The project is working towards a secure communications system with improved voice and data capability on different platforms. It will also improve guidelines for reconfigurability as well as verification and validation of waveform portability.

PESCO, the Permanent Structured Cooperation set up in December 2017, allows the 25 participating Member States to jointly plan, develop and invest in shared capability projects, and enhance the operational readiness and contribution of their armed forces. The aim is to jointly develop a coherent full spectrum force package and make the capabilities available to Member States for national and multinational (EU CSDP, NATO, UN, etc.) missions and operations.

Earlier this month (11 October), the 2nd ESSOR workshop on the development of a ‘concept of operations’ (CONOPS) had already taken place at the Agency. It allowed the project Members States to gain insight into the process and methodology which are compliant with NATO Architecture Framework version 4.

The CONOPS aims at describing the operational needs, visions and expectations of the operational users (from a tactical level to component command) on the new waveforms to be developed in the context of the PESCO ESSOR project. It analyses operational scenarios using vignettes and identifies categories of architectural information which are further developed into operational requirements and technical requirements.

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