DVD2018 – Innovation is key to Army Transformation

DVD2018 will bring together industry and defence in the land equipment sector on 19 and 20 September at Millbrook. It will showcase the equipment and technology that can support a British Army that is fit to meet future challenges and embrace the need for continuous evolution. 

The event, jointly sponsored by Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) (Land Equipment) and the Army Headquarters, will focus on 21st Century Manoeuvre and the importance of Army innovation to its future delivery and transformation.  

The theme for DVD2018 is Innovation today and tomorrow: exploiting current capabilities more creatively and identifying novel solutions to enable Conceptual Force Land 2035. 

The international system is undergoing a major transition; the rules-based international order is under strain, characterised by uncertainty and instability. At the same time, the tempo of technological change and the pervasiveness of information are driving changes in the character of conflict. However, the role of land power remains the same – to exert control within the land environment and to influence the behaviour of actors and the course of events. The framework through which this is achieved remains manoeuvre. 

A modern Army must explore novel solutions and experimentation in how it achieves manoeuvre. It must examine how it might use its current inventory differently and how it will operate in the future land environment, interoperable with combined, joint, intra-governmental, inter-agency and multinational systems. Such innovation must be cognisant of the need to train for complex future operating environments exploiting simulation and technology that can support a live, virtual and constructive blend of training. Future equipment must also provide logistic efficiency and agility with key emphasis placed upon reducing logistic need. 

DVD2018 is an opportunity to demonstrate the vital contribution capability innovation and industry collaboration can make to enable an affordable and sustainable Army ready for the challenges of the future. 


Innovation can be achieved through technological innovation of equipment and systems – which will be exhibited at DVD2018. However, change could also be realised through innovating how equipment is procured, stored, held at readiness, deployed, operated and supported on operations, and could include a holistic review of the workforce required to conduct these activities – be they military or contractor solutions – as part of the Whole Force Approach.  

Particular areas of interest that will be developed through DVD2018 engagement between Defence industry, DE&S and Army Teams, presentations and workshops include: 


  • The Army Strike Concept. Strike aims to deliver a highly deployable infantry force able to sustain movement, manoeuvre and long-range patrolling, under armour, for distances that a heavy armoured-tracked force cannot match. Concept developed is being enabled through the Strike Experimentation Group (SEG). Ideas and solutions to store, prepare, deploy, project and support the ‘Strike’ force and its equipment will be considered. 
  • Specialised Infantry Group. Specialised Infantry Battalions are being developed to provide an increased contribution to countering terrorism and building stability overseas. They will conduct defence engagement and capacity building, providing training, assistance, advice and mentoring to our partners. There are currently two Specialised Infantry Battalions, with a further two planned to be established in 2019. 
  • Reducing Logistic Need (RLN). Reducing Logistic Need is a significant challenge – enabling Manoeuvre, supporting the Strike concept with enhanced reach and agility, set within the context of the current financial pressures. RLN will consider improvements to support solutions for Land systems, ideas to reduce both logistic demand and efficient supply, the need to develop Logistic Information Exploitation (Log IX) systems, and appropriate people to manage and deliver agile logistic solutions. 
  • DEEP operations. The deep battle focuses on an enemy’s uncommitted forces. As part of developing the deep battle, improvements in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities and Mobile Fires Platforms are envisaged. 
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) systems. The development of C4I systems and investment in our ability to communicate and to share information will complement the Army’s contribution to the Joint Force Capability. 
  • Year of Engineering and STEM development. The Year of Engineering is a government campaign which celebrates engineering. It forms an important part of our Industrial Strategy which is committed to boosting engineering across the UK. This campaign includes activities to highlight the need to develop science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills and improve awareness designed to inspire interest in these sectors.  

Those attending will be able to see a wide range of equipment on display from industry and the military, with more than 250 companies expected to exhibit at the event. Displays will include mobile vehicle demonstrations, equipment suppliers, spares provisioners and service providers. Visitors will experience a full agenda over the two days. They will have the opportunity to interact with Defence industry exhibitors, showcasing the equipment, innovative technology and support solutions that might meet the future Land equipment requirements. 

For those involved in Land Equipment for Army Headquarters, DE&S and Front Line Commands, DVD2018 provides an ideal opportunity to identify innovation, develop ideas and generate a greater understanding of technologies, capabilities and requirements. 

In recognition of the ‘Year of Engineering’ and the Army’s commitment to encouraging more young people in to STEM subjects and related careers within the Army, this year’s DVD will welcome a number of engineering undergraduates, who will have the unique opportunity to access the end users of equipment, together with those who make decisions on acquisition and industry, all in one event.  

Colin McClean, Director Land Equipment, explains: “Having been a founding member of DVD when I worked in CSVL IPT in 2001, I am a huge fan of what the event offers. We currently live in challenging times, both operationally and financially, so as never before we must work as a team for mutually beneficial outcomes. DVD2018 will afford both customer and supplier the opportunity to enhance our shared understanding of the challenges that we face and to generate solutions. I look forward to welcoming you to Millbrook.”  

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