11 Sep 2017

Dstl opens graduate recruitment scheme for 2017

Dstl is looking for the people with the best ideas to join its graduate recruitment scheme.

At the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), we work to harness science and technology (S&T) to protect our nation – bringing together the best ideas in sometimes unexpected ways. Our graduate recruitment scheme for 2017 is now open for applications and we are looking for people to help us do this.

Because we provide the UK government with specialist S&T research, advice and analysis, our work is often sensitive or international in nature. Much is operationally critical and has the potential to save many lives. All of it is fascinating.

Crucially, we work with other brilliant people – collaborating with everyone from small companies and world-class universities to large defence companies and other nations. Together, we develop battle-winning technologies, based on deep and widespread research, to support UK military operations now and into the future.

For ambitious, motivated and curious graduates, we offer the chance to work on mind-blowing projects in a truly unique environment. It’s an inspiring setting where you can develop wide-ranging skills and experience, while learning from some of the brightest minds in the UK.

We have amazing graduate opportunities available in the following areas. Do something unexpected today: join us.

Counter Terrorism and Security

From working with forensics and radars to animal behaviour and explosives, we’ve an exciting range of opportunities for you.

Our Counter Terrorism and Security Division is looking for graduates who want to develop their expertise while delivering high-risk, high-reward research to help protect the UK from current and future threats. Quite simply, this is work that you cannot do anywhere else.

If your degree is in Chemistry, Animal Behaviour, Electronic or Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Communications Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Machine Intelligence, Forensic Science or Information Science then we’d like to hear from you.

Find out more about becoming a Counter Terrorism and Security Graduate


Cyber and Information Systems

Are you finishing your Engineering or Computer Science degree and looking for an exciting and unusual first role?

This is not a stereotypical ‘computer hacker’ role – it takes an incredible variety of people to achieve our goals. Here you’ll use your computer skills to advance the tools, techniques and tradecrafts required to ensure the UK is able to establish a world-class cyber capability, including the ability to counter-attack in cyberspace.

Find out more about being a Cyber and Information Systems Graduate


Defence and Security Analysis

We develop innovative analytical tools and techniques to take advantage of new advances in science and technology, and provide experienced human and social science advice to maximise the performance of whole systems across the Ministry of Defence and government.

Our Defence and Security Analysis Division supports the Ministry of Defence and other government departments to ensure intelligent decision making is at the heart of the UK Defence and Security. We work with partners in industry, academia and internationally to develop and provide a broad range of impartial, innovative, evidence-based analysis and human science advice to support high-priority decision making on critical policies and capabilities.

We’re seeking graduates with a background in psychology, ergonomics, human and social sciences, sociology, maths or data science.

Find out more about becoming a Defence and Security Analysis Graduate


Platform Systems

Are you interested in delivering highly rewarding research to help protect the UK and our armed forces from real world threats?

Our Platform Systems Division supports the Ministry of Defence and other government departments in a broad range of groundbreaking technical research areas. We respond to current and future demands ensuring that the UK retains a battle-winning advantage.

We strengthen and protect our armed forces through groundbreaking technical research. It means safeguarding armoured vehicles, warships and aircraft against the harshest combat environments and providing the most advanced weapon capabilities. Crucially, we ensure that all of this technology and equipment across the military operates together seamlessly.

If you have or are working towards a degree in Engineering, Maths, Physics or Computer Science then this is the role for you.

Find out more about becoming a Platform Systems Graduate

Student Placement Opportunities

Interested in doing a summer placement with Dstl? Summer and industrial placement vacancies will be available from 9 October 2017 and you’ll be able to find them all on Civil Service Jobs.

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