DPRTE 2019 countdown: Find the Navy Command Commercial Team at the Defence Procurement Pavilion

Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability (DPRTE) 2019 takes place at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre on 28th March.

Sitting at the heart of the event, the DPRTE Defence Procurement Pavilion will provide visitors with an opportunity to engage directly with key procurement organisations who are responsible for setting procurement strategy and delivering the MOD’s annual procurement spend – including the Navy Command Commercial Team.

The Royal Navy is key to protecting our Nation’s interests, both in times of peace and conflict, helping to ensure the prosperity of Britain and stability of the high seas. To fulfil that intent, the Royal Navy is on duty around the globe, at sea, on land and in the air, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Its tasks are varied and can range from the provision of the UK nuclear deterrent to delivery of humanitarian aid, anywhere in the world.

The Royal Navy consists of five tenets, comprising the Submarine Service, the Surface Fleet, the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Marines, and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. Collectively, as well as individually, each of these tenets have specific requirements for the provision of equipment and services, as well as an enduring need for highly skilled and trained personnel, able to operate effectively, anywhere in the world, in support of the Royal Navy’s key objectives. To support that intent, and where possible, the Royal Navy satisfies these requirements through the commercial procurement of equipment and services, frequently engaging the services of the highly skilled, experienced and motivated Navy Command Commercial Team.

DPRTE Official Event Partner: Royal Navy

The Navy Command Commercial Team consists of a commercially trained team of Ministry of Defence (MOD) Civilian staff, located in HM Naval Base Portsmouth. Collectively, they hold extensive commercial experience, providing the Royal Navy with a ‘cradle to grave’ procurement service covering pre-sourcing, sourcing, contract management and income generation. In addition to commercial experience, some of the team also hold experience of directly supporting the Royal Navy on operational tours, as well as working with Royal Naval staff to support the Defence Nuclear and Submarine Enterprises, Surface Fleet, cyber warfare and information technology (IT), training, marine and aeronautical engineering and support services, estates and facilities management. This comprehensive and specialist skillset ensures that the Navy Command Commercial team are ideally positioned to fulfil an Intelligent Customer role when seeking to procure the best commercial solutions to meet the varied and demanding needs of the Royal Navy of today.

Depending on the requirement, the Navy Command Commercial team seek solutions that range from standard ‘off the shelf’ products or services on standard framework agreements, to long term partnering arrangements with multi-national companies and consortiums, negotiating bespoke, multi-million pound contracts which may result in complex, global supply chains.

In fulfilling their role as Intelligent Customer, the Navy Command Commercial Team are committed to procuring innovative, versatile and flexible solutions, maximising the expertise of the supply market, securing solutions that represent best value for money in a highly competitive supplier market.

Book now for your chance to speak with representatives of the Navy Command Commercial Team at DPRTE 2019 Event this Thursday.

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